If it’s a funeral…

LCD Soundsystem broke up in 2011, after over a decade of creating innovative music in the dance-punk scene. They created three critically acclaimed albums, developed a devoted fan base, and created a lasting memory on the American music landscape. 

Last year, a documentary was released about their end, called, “Shut Up and Play the Hits”. Here’s the trailer:

When I saw this trailer a few weeks ago, it slapped me right in the face. 

James Murphy, front man for LCD Soundsystem riffs on the terminal nature of this chapter in his life.

“It s ending in a strangely controlled manner. It’s like; There was a record. There was an announcement. There’s a last show. Everyone’s aware that it’s ending.”

“When you start a band, do you imagine how it will end?”

There could not have been a more succinct way of expressing my experience with the ending of our church plant over the past eight weeks than Murphy’s words. 

It was a series of events, that once began, could only be dealt with in the cool calculating manner that Murphy explains LCD’s end – at least if was going to end on my terms.  But there is something about the brevity and cleanliness of ending the plant that creates awe-inducing reflection almost every day now.

You blink, and the moment is over. The mist that was once before your eyes has quickly evaporated. In almost the same moment, it is very real and present, and also a memory of what has already past. Time itself becomes not much more than an accessory to expressing the experience.

RIght now I carry the thing that is dead with me, almost still in denial at times, yet making all of the plans and actions that any reasonable person would make having left it in the past. You never erase those things you love from your memory, but you do learn how to function, and thrive, in their absence. 

James Murphy and company ended LCD Soundsytem, but it will always be with him. It wasn’t the end of his story either; he’s working with Arcade Fire on an upcoming album even now. James is a musician; LCD Soundsystem is a part of him, but it does not encompass who he is. 

I closed Phoenix CityChurch. It will always be with me. It’s not the end of my story; ________________________________. I’m a vision guy; Phoenix CityChurch is a part of me, but it does not encompass who I am.

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