Messy Theory

For seven months I’ve been in theory, trying to establish a baseline for structure and systems for our church plant. It’s been a process that has created a lot of fruit through frustration and failure. To be able to clearly and quickly communicate the values and directions of a particular expression of church that doesn’t exist in our universe yet is…


Really hard. I’m having to build a vision for church with a multitude of unknowns, trusting that the things that God is planting in my mind and heart as we move forward are expressed well.

 I’m not complaining though, this has been a richly rewarding and defining time that has moved me out of theory – into beginning a practice of life in faith that is substantially different from my life just a year ago.

So, as a professional pastor and church planter, I guess right here is the spot where I show you where I have it all figured out, and where I give you three points of victory that you can claim for Jesus and clearly understand your personal calling…

See … the thing is… that’s not how this works.

Life is messy. Vision only works if we (WE) move together, through success and failure. We move through them both because we haven’t been called by God to be winners or losers, we were called to be faithful. We move through them because the good and bad aren’t what define us. God’s love defines us and gives us purpose and hope. The vision for a new church springs from that, and I’m looking for people who want to be on that journey.

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