Three for Free

Recent events in American Christendom seem to display our fragmentation as a belief system over our uniting strengths. So, I thought I’d help as we end this week, and show you some ways I think you and I (Christians), are probably very similar.*

  • You’re an Open Theist (You ask in prayers, and live your life, like it matters).
  • You’re at the very least an Inclusivist, if not a Universalist (You’ve never committed a soul to Hell at a funeral).
  • You’re a heretic (Somewhere, there is something, even if minute, that is flawed with your theology. This flaw is a broken link in your understanding of God. Expressing it or living it out is doing so against God’s perfect identity.)

*I realize some of you may have condemned souls to Hell at funerals, and some of you have perfect theology. My question to you is, What is it like being the Messiah? Is that a heavy burden to bear? Is there a 401k that you get with that?

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