Miserable? More like Awesomeable.

The Wall Street Journal has deemed our very own Phoenix, AZ the most miserable place to live. They weighed a number of economic factors, and landed on this obviously scientific fact.

Of course, I’m sure they came here, and lived among the people of the valley basin for many months. I’m confident that they spent time exploring the local life, seeing the growing vibrancy of the both urban and suburban culture (The museum district, First Friday, The Roosevelt Row, year round farmers markets, Spring Training, major concert venues, home to four professional sports team). An undoubtedly they enjoyed a few meals at some of our finest establishments (such as Postinos, Four Peaks, Chelseas Kitchen, Gallo Blanco, Nobou at Teeter House, The Vig, DeLux, and of course, Popo’s).

They probably came during the winter, when it was a blistering cold 72 degrees in January.

My guess is they also played a round or two on one or more of our dozens and dozens of beautiful golf course.

Me, bitter? Defensive?

Nah, I know jealousy when I see it.

1 thought on “Miserable? More like Awesomeable.

  1. I’m curious about a list that has Detroit rated so well.

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