One Path?

I grew up believing that there was only one path for me. Only one way that I was supposed to live. More often than not, I rebelled against that idea. Why wouldn’t I?

But that’s not how creation works, is it?

There is diversity, beauty, nuance and shades of color to everything that God has created. Who am I to be so arrogant to believe that for me he gave one route, one way, one destiny to fulfill? My response to God is what is most important, not what my job description is, or whether I complete a pre-ordained destiny that has been determined before I took my first breath.

This has been the most freeing and empowering realization of God’s hope for me. I don’t have to be anyone’s person but God’s, and God has given me choice in how I live that out.

Grace, freedom, and love in my life. How could I ask for anything more?


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