File Under “Rant About Getting Older, Number 1”

As I continue to get older, my mind has become less flexible.

When I was a younger, I was known (and  occasionally sought after) for innovative ideas and outside-the-box thinking. But thats has not been the case the past few years. Explosive and catalyst thinking has been replaced with slow introspection and deconstructionism. Neither  of these other frameworks of thought are bad, they are just a completely different way that I have begun to function primarily in my thinking.

But I miss the innovation. I want to be on the forward edge of thought and building new frameworks and ideas. I actually think it’s a significant strength of mine that I’ve let atrophy.

Why did I write this today? Because I saw a silly video that engaged me in a challenge of perspectives again. Because I couldn’t figure out what I was watching for much too long. Because my creativity has gotten so shallow that I can’t imagine like  I used to.

And. That. Just. Plain, Ain’t. Right.

So here, watch this video, and see how long it takes you to understand the whos and whats of this clip.

Not scientific by any means, but it reminded my about how I need to keep my mind flexible, adaptive, and ready to think.

God, keep my mind fresh, sharp, and full of vibrancy. I’m no good to anyone in the malaise of traditional thought. 

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