Back at it / Mother’s Day Observation

Last week was a whole lot busier than I thought it would be.

Out of the three planned posts I had prepared, only one made it. I’ll take my stab at rectifying that this week.

On my sexy agenda this week, I’ve got:

  • Greek Infinitives and Imperatives
  • Newsletter writing
  • Calendar developing
  • Paper writing
  • P90x beginning
So, If not incredibly exciting, it will be a full week.

Katie is finally back in town after being in L.A. for the past three weeks for her new job training.It’s really, really, really good to finally have her home.

She took me out to see Thor for Mother’s Day. While we sat in the theater waiting to get our Norse mythology on, I noticed how many moms there were in the room with us.

Let’s just say… there were lots. With kids. And no dads. On Mothers Day. To see Thor.

You know, I don’t really buy idea that being a mother is the hardest job in the world, but I do get the impression that it is one of the most self-sacrificial things that someone could do with their life. And in a day and age of immediate self-gratification and hyper-individualism, that’s an incredibly significant thing.

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