The Morning Storm

In between the moment I try to pry my consciousness (and  my eyes) open in the morning and any minimal productivity I accomplish(i.e. getting dressed, brushing my teeth, checking my email), something I’ve always thought was strange has gone on in my head.

I have this torrential downpour of non-sequitur thoughts that appear, rattle, and bounce around in my head. I don’t know if it’s some evolved process of deconstructing what my brain did while I was asleep the night before, or if it’s the proverbial hard drive booting up… I just know it happens, and I can’t stop it.

Every morning. Without fail. Even when I try not to do it.

So, as a public service to the community, or to future scientists who want to find out what kind of crazy I was, I’ve been trying to jot some of them down as I get up in the mornings. This hasn’t been really successful, because the thoughts flash in my mind, then leave, being immediately replaced by another one (As I type this, I am beginning to realize how weird this sounds, but with over 170 words written, it’s too late to turn back now). Some of the thoughts I capture are verbatim, and some are the essence of the thought I recall. Either way, it’s been interesting to try see what my brain kicks into a conscious level when I wake up in the mornings.

I’ve kept my little list tucked away on a file on my laptop, thinking someday the list might even be beneficial to me. Maybe one of these thoughts that I can capture can turn into something productive or beneficial. Many things on the list are just abstract thoughts or ideas, but some are actually concepts that I can work with and develop.

Ideas like #28 on the list: Write about what happens in your head every morning.



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