Lent – Day 2 Reflection

Scott McKnight writes that,

To love God means to yearn for, to pray for, and to work for what glorifies God and what puts God in God’s place in your life.”

Right, easy enough…

So, day two was a challenge that called me to consider how I loved God in terms of the Shema; with all of my hart, soul, mind, strength.

So here are my reflections on yesterdays Lent journey:

  • I’ve never related my affections to anything about God, I suppose. It feels weird. I am affectionate towards my wife, but affectionate towards God???  I feel ill equipped to even broach that subject. This idea makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable. Thanks Scot.
  • I’m not a fan of McKinght’s correlation with the word soul and spirituality. I don’t like the compartmentalization of the “spiritual life” from the rest of life(Rob Bell speaks about that in his teaching DVD, Everything is Spiritual – I definitely land with Bell in his thoughts). Maybe this was the easiest connection that McKnight could make to the words of the Shema, but I feel like soul and strength are a poetic pairing, more than two completely individual ideas.
  • Does this mean that if the above two mentioned have a poetic correlation that heart and mind do to????
  • Give God everything is the gist. All of me. That’s heavy – why does he want all of me? I don’t even want all of me.

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