Lent – Day 3 Reflection

If you haven’t gotten the hint – Im writing about the previous days experience and thoughts.. 

“Jesus redefined the word neighbor.” – Scot McKnight

Yeah he did. And I continue to redefine it back from Jesus’ definition, and into one that suits my comfort zone and preferences.

But what if I could drop my own pretenses, and love whoever happened to be my neighbor at any given moment?

What if I could begin to really respond to needs rather than labels?

Things would get messy, real fast.

But, that seems about right, don’t you think? The religious person who has everything in order, all their ducks in a row, and seems to be in complete control is really the person who reeks of not letting God transform them. They lack the transformation that comes through the messiness of being in community with their neighbors. The miss out on the full spectrum of creation, in order to try to keep their tiny piece of the kingdom safe, and on their terms.

And in the end, what do they profit?

I don’t want to be that person. Not even a little bit. But I need help getting out of my own way..

Father, give me the eyes and heart to see my neighbor, whoever that may be – then give me the presence of mind to know how to reflect you in the moment, and in that relationship. Less of me – more of you. 

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