Ten years later.

It’s cliché to write a blog post about your anniversary, I know.

Indulge me this one, won’t you? It may be the only sappy and sentimental thing you get from me in the next four years…

Last week, my lady and I celebrated our tenth anniversary. I can hardly believe that. I know in the grand scheme of things, its not all that much, but to me it was monumental. I’ve not been a party to long lasting, healthy relationships – so this week has been incredibly significant to me.

Now, let me confess, I will be the first to say that I have not always provided a healthy relationship for us. I’ve done enough stupid things to make any reasonable human being give up on a scoundrel like myself. But my wife has been a pillar, an example of patience, forgiveness, and hope. I’ve done some damnable things that I won’t ever be able to shake out of my head (when you hurt someone you love, that’s what happens – mutual scars on the heart). But more than that, she has been my perfect counterweight in life.

She’s been sensible when I’ve been impetuous.

She’s been a peace seeker when I’m on the warpath.

She’s made me laugh when I was in the pit of despair.

My wife has seen my dark passenger*, and she still chooses to love me.

For ten years.

And I can barely put up with Facebook comments from my religiously fundamental friends that drive me up the wall.

And I guess that is what is sticking with me. I have seen the model of consistent, virtuous love right in front of me for over a decade now – and I beg that God would let some of it rub off on me.

No, she’s not perfect, but she shouldn’t ever have to be. She is my Queen; and I will fight every day to be a better partner to her than I have been the day before. Some days I will fail horrendously. Some days I may succeed modestly. In many ways, I am still learning how to love her.

Thank you for these past ten years, my love. May the next ten be filled with me returning the joy you have relentlessly to given me.


*Dexter reference. Deal with it.




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