Hey yo.

Thought I’d give a quick update on a few things I’ve been working on… mostly to keep myself accountable to actually doing them.

I’m ramping up my video-blog (picture above related; some test footage that will never see the light of day). In the next week or two I hope to have my first new videos up, and then pick a day a week to regularly post them. Since most of my recorded public speaking/preaching/ etc. has been lost to the ether, I thought this would be a good way of providing some new content from that area of my life.

I’m still trying to write a couple of times a week, and I’m trying not to bring everyone down with my reflections on my past few months. Sorry if they are bumming you out, dude – but if it’s any consolation, it’s been terrific therapy for me!!

I’ve got my resumé out in a few million places, knowing full well that my current strategy for finding a job isn’t the best one, but I’m still weighed down with my last quarters of school, and so I know finding a perfect fit might be pretty difficult. Your prayers, thoughts, or positive energy would all be greatly appreciated as I try to figure out what this part of my life looks like going forward. Also, if you know of an awesome place that needs an awesome fellow like myself for a full time position, you should probably let me know about it…

So, that’s about it for the update on this site. Thanks for reading, and checking out the site, even if you are all a bunch of lurkers who refuse to comment on my posts. 🙂

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