Let the prophet speak

There’s a time for the community’s voice to be listened to. A context in which all voices should be heard, Where concerns are voiced, ideas expressed, and stories shared. Each voice is not only intrinsically valuable, but also a blessing to everyone who takes the time to listen to it. Life is learned more often in the listening than we care to admit. Those who do not give the time to hear the words of the community are trapped in a cycle of nepotism and -centrism that denies truth, creativity and life from being born in that context.

But there is also a time for the prophet- the one who has studied, thought, wrestled, and experted themselves in a certain discipline of life. The prophet has given them self over to the thoughtful investment of this discipline, to offer a depth of insight that the community requires for maturation and growth. As you do not go to a child to have your ailment cared for, so do you not simply entrust the weight of the community to one who has not bent their life for its formation. The prophet (the one worthwhile) does not come for their own pleasure, but to serve the community in light of love for that particular disciple and those who are a part of it. 

So, I ask you, please, to let the prophet speak.

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