Shedding Skin

Snakes shed their skin when they grow so big that their body no longer fits in its old carrying case. From what I’ve read, while it is sometime a difficult process, it is not a painful one.

When humans grow, we don’t molt. Thankfully.

But, growing* for humans is a difficult process, and often on that ends up being quite painful. It finds its way in life coming at all different times, without regulation and often, without warning. More frequently than not, growing happens simultaneously with other periods of growing. Can you imagine a snake molting, while it’s molting, while it’s molting? 

This unpleasant image in your mind is brought to you by the letter, “uuuurrrggghh”.

No wonder it can be so overwhelming to grow. It’s no shocker then that we often become skittish from things that we know will be experiences/relationships that will tax us. We burrow back into old habits and forms that, to our rationale, hide us from experiencing any more. 

A rare few will jump head long into growing (some will even take out crippling loans to grow in some ways), but there is still the growing that we do not anticipate, that we are not prepared for, and that we often don’t want. 

But this is where the refinement is greatest. This is where we evolve. This is where we must be willing to shed things of the past so that our souls can fit into new places – that we may live more fully.

*Not just of the height and weight variety

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