High ground

You will undoubtedly face battles this week. Your ideas will be challenged, your authority will be questioned, and your character may be attacked. There will be those who stand directly in the way of your goals. Your failure might be celebrated, your fear may bring laughter, and you may receive an even greater insult than all of these; you may be completed ignored.

The icing on this cake? You will even have to battle with yourself.

My prayer for you is that in each of these times, you do not slink away. May you stand your ground in the battles that mean the world to you. Your ideas are worth your time, your goals are worth your tears, and your character can only be changed by what you do. 

And so, when you do fight, and you will, take the high ground! Don’t play the games that children play. Slinging mud is for amateurs. Name callers get put in time outs. Gossips reap their own reward. 

Speak clearly. Act with compassion. Be consistent. Do not give up.

…and laugh when you can. It’s only life.

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