The Weekender

I used to do a post like this much more frequently going into the weekend.

I’ll do one today.

  • The Pope was given a personalized Boston Celtics jersey this week as a gift from one of the team’s minority owners. The Seminary nerd in me craves to make historal jokes about this, but alas, I refrain. I bet the Pope’s got a nasty pump fake.
  • Speaking of the Pope, he commented this week that atheists are also redeemed, not just Catholics (Still ignoring the evangelicals, eh? I don’t blame him). Atheists are appreciative of this new Pope’s openness. Meanwhile, brooding neo-reformers sit in dark corners, punching out 3000 words essays on this new apostasy. And the world keeps spinning. 
  • I’m thinking about running for mayor of Toronto. I know I live in Phoenix, but I still think I have a shot. Not sure why, just a hunch. 
  • I’m at that place in the quarter of school where I’m all like…

  • LITERALLY cannot stop listening to the new Daft Punk album. #annperkins
  • Speaking of stopping, I need your help. Please quit recommending books to me. I’m six behind, and I keep ordering awesome books every time someone recommends one to me. If you must recommend a book to me, recommend a book that I won’t buy, like fiction.
  • And to end the week, I was able to make D.Miller lol, so I’ll chalk that up as a win.

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