The Big News

After we closed the church plant last December, one of my biggest questions was, “What’s next?”. I slow played this question, spending a season listening to wise people, being challenged by people I trust, and being encouraged by an incredible support system I’m not sure that I deserve. The past six months have been re-energizing and frustrating at the same time; I wanted to find a community to invest in, and have it fit my place in the journey that I find myself in. 

And so, on July 1 of this year, I’ll begin a new ministry as the Associate Pastor of the North Scottsdale United Methodist Church. I’m deeply appreciative of the trust and willingness of the UMC to have me join them as a pastor from another denomination to serve them this upcoming year. This church’s reputation is one of warmth, love, and hospitality. Its desire to bless the local community with the life of Jesus is my desire as well, and I look forward to what we will be able to accomplish together.

I realize there will be some who will be surprised to hear about this move, after all, let’s call it what it is; an enormous change in the trajectory of my ministry. Be assured, I am not abandoning my heritage (you know, the heritage of “unity” in “essentials” only), or burning any bridges (that doesn’t come from my end of the bridge). It is, however, a  step that I feel is in the best interest of how I can best live my faith and engage the community to affect positive change.

TL;DR: a mainline church is getting a rogue evangelical, and a rogue evangelical is getting a mainline church that loves Jesus. This is going to be cool. 

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