Chasing Cool

The youngsters are gone from your church.

You know who else are gone? Your creatives, your
philosophers, your engines, and your deep rivers.

Why? Because you sold out to quicker fixes. You placed
finances ahead of relationships, programs ahead of theology, and you fought for
tradition in the wrong way.

Now you’re yanking at low hanging fruit, hoping other fruit
from higher up in the tree will see it and say, “Gee I should fall from where I
am and join all of them”.

You bought into the idea that youth are the primary target
for growth because, “they are the future of the church.”

Bad news, they aren’t. not unless they choose to be, and
they assume they have all the time in the world to figure that out once they
have kids.

But for them you attempted to be “relevant”. Relevant is
just the polite way of saying you tried to be cool. You chose the most
superficial route, the most humanistic path, the most sexually rooted strategy
to win over the youth.

How’s it going for you?

Being cool is about sex. It’s about being alluring. It’s not
simply about popularity. Cool things are the sexy things. The church trying to
be cool is the church trying to be sexy is the church making Jesus throw up in
his mouth just a little bit.

Do you want to grow? Are you sure you want to grow?


Focus on what gives your community its God breathed DNA.

Begin and end with relationships, not programs.

Give space for personal exploration, but maintain a high
expectation culture.

Don’t water down your theology, everyone will see that from
a mile away.

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