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As some of you know, I co-founded a side project called The Blue Yarn a while back. We’ve spent a greater deal of our time writing and developing dialogues about innovative leadership in the church. This past Fall we took a big next step and prototyped a coaching group to provide emotional support, collaboration, and accountability for anyone in ministry needing a community as they do new things in their context.

The prototype was strong, and we learned a great deal and made genuine connections with people. This January, we’ll be offering two new groups. Both groups will have a small fee attached to them.

The first group is an ecumenical coaching group where we will be discussing the challenges and opportunities of creating, building, and sustaining communities of faith — the nuts and bolts of being a ministry leader. It’s a 12 month commitment of monthly meetings (with a few more at the front end to get to know each other).

The other group is called Design for Ministry and is a 10-week intensive for anyone in the midst of starting or building a new ministry, program, or church plant. We will learn the basic principles of design thinking within a community of folks going through the same challenges as we hold each other accountable to putting those principles into practice for our initiative. This is more specifically for those looking for resources and support to help them build and create something new (whether from scratch or from within and existing organization). I’ll be a part of this group but it will be primarily led by Jared Byas.

Let me know if you’re interested or know someone who might be and I’d be happy to share more information!

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