Detail of closed drawers

I am not so resolute.

However, I am one who can recommend things to myself and others. This will be such a case. I do this because I want to live more fully in 2015. Each day will have enough in itself that piling any more expectations on it seems dubious at best.

And so, it is with great love for you that I recommend these things, not as resolutions, but as a polishing oil on a fine piece of furniture. As you are creating your own life story, may any of these make the corners and crooks of your life be all the more rich and rewarding.

I recommend you:

Eat well.
Work more with your hands.
Say please and thank you.
Be more romantic.
Speak your mind, but with grace.
Leave the screens more.
Make time for sabbatical.
Find the hollow soul of instant gratification.
Walk/hike/jog with someone else and talk.
Text less, call more.
Create something new.
Laugh until you pee a little.

May your 2015 find you living more fully into this breath of life you’ve been given. 


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