Pick up litter that is not yours

Vicolo con spazzatura, cumulo di rifiuti, vandalismo

Do it because it’s not yours.

Do it because you weren’t a part of the initial decision to place that ubiquitous item on the earth.

Do it because someone assumed someone else would deal with it, or because that someone else doesn’t care.

Make it your first step into social activism. Change the course of the future with one small step of blue collar effort.

Gum wrappers
EDM concert flyers
That little plastic square thingys that keeps the bag that holds the bread from unravelling.

Each time you change your center of gravity to remove a piece or inorganic waste from the ground to place it in its proper re pitiable, you shift the story.

It’s minutiae right? I mean, it’s insignificant. This might be the only post written about it, and this post won’t even mention your name, unless your name is Percy… And thanks to you for being a part of the change, P-dogg.

Why act in such small steps? If it’s not “UpWorthy” (and this reason will shock you), what motivation is there to make moves for the better? Our social media overseers demand tales that tug the heart strings, and make suburban moms misty-eyed. Small deeds, the mundane good that we ought to incline our selves towards, are often passed by – It is much easier to overlook them as we wait for the next potential big moment that the Kid President will tell us about.

Taking my shopping cart over to the nearest corral after I’ve used it will not feed a hungry family. Tipping 25% instead of 17% will not cure the education ailments of my community. And I imagine that picking up your nasty Pall Mall butt won’t win me a Nobel prize this year. But if my only root of doing good is that I am known for doing good, then am I really doing good, or am I padding my portfolio? Is my action anything more than hot yoga of the ego?

Pick up litter that’s not yours. Do the good thing that you will never be known for, and see if the world changes at all. Seriously. See if it does, I’m not even sure it will, but let’s play with it at least, and see what happens.

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