Happy Repeal Day, and a special request

Happy Real Day

On December 5, 1933, the 21st Amendment to the constitution of the United States was passed, repealing the 18th amendment, which amounted to the outlawing of the production of alcohol.

Thus, today is Repeal Day, because some religious zealots thought legislating their form of morality was best for the country. And no religious zealots ever tried to force morality through legislation EVER AGAIN.


I remember my first post-prohibition beer with quite a fondness. I was sixteen or seventeen, spending time at a friend’s house (for the privacy of those involved,  we’ll say my friend’s name was Gosh). Gosh’s brother, (Geremy, or maybe it was Gonathan), cruised into the living room whilst some of us were playing WCW vs. NWO on the Nintendo 64. With him come in a case of 24 Natural Light beers, fresh off the end cap of some Walgreens. Free of any wintery chill of modern refrigeration, Gosh’s brother tore the case open, and began slinging beer cans at us, Steve Austin style.

Full of  adolescent hormones, and a need to be approved of by other alpha males, we enthusiastically popped the cans open and took long, velvety draws of the sweet nectar.

No really.

We opened the cans, took a swing, and choked down the golden garble water with every inch of pride we could muster. We drank our cans while we played our video games, and then we drank some more. And at no moment within those hours did we regret drinking individual sixers of the room temperature über-light American lager.

That came in the morning.

Since then, my preferences have evolved. Ive been accused of being a beverage elitist, to which I can only raise my well developed nose at. The culture, the craft, the art of beer, spirits, and wine have connected me to some amazing people and causes. Contrary to older ways of thinking, there is a culture within adult beveraging that is centered in quality over quantity, and purpose over hedonistic desires. It is more that possible to be a person of deep convictions for good, and a savvy palette for savory beers.

A special request

Do you and I share a strange, unique, frightening, exceptional experience together? Would you be so kind as to share with me your experience of it? I’d like to take the next step in developing my story telling, but I need you help in it. I have a handful of stories I’d like to begin telling, but I want to make sure that they are stories you recall as well.

So, if you think there is an experience that you and I have shared, please reach out to me so that we can share the beloved memory together.

That’s is. Thanks for taking the time to read.

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