Well, Hello (again)!

I wrote the following as a re-introduction to the church in North Scottsdale I will be working alongside again. It appears in their July newsletter. 

Well, hello!


It feels like only last June I was saying goodbye to you all (spoiler alert: it was).

Once again, God creates a path for me that I could not have guessed. Has that ever happened to you? Your plans are set, your focus is steady, your resolve is strong – and then God steps in. When I watch my parents play with our son Finn, I see a glimpse of what God must experience, when it comes to our plans. Finn is headstrong and determined. He carries the stubbornness only his father could have passed down to him.  Grandma and Grandpa watch with amusement as he attempts his goal of climbing to the top of the table. They know he won’t make it without help, but they watch, giggling behind him as he grunts and squirms. Finally, they walk over to the young climber, lift him up, and put him atop his goal.

It’s not in the way that he planned, but he got where he ‘needed’ to go.

That’s me right now. Attempting something ambitious, with God guiding me into paths I had not considered. With prayers and discernment, we’ve set a new path. The Bishop, our District Superintendent, and others prayed over this transition. While none of us could have guessed the common path that NSUMC and The Orontes Project would meet at, we receive it as a blessing.

Over the past year, I have heard with a grateful heart the work of Pastor Stuart with you all. He is a friend and brother, as well a colleague to me, and I am proud of his work with you. I know that he loves you all as much, and as quickly as I did. As he did before me, I will strive to give you my best, as God has called me to this second season of service with you all.

I know many of you will have questions about Orontes. I look forward to our future conversations about it. I know you also will be curious about how Pastor David (wow, that’s weird to say) and I will work together and alongside you all. Know that he and I are in conversation, in prayer, and in dialogue as we begin this new season together.

This is an exciting time for this community of faith. I encourage you to be in a time of praying and watching for the movements of God as we enter into it. We are going to have fun. We are going to enjoy the love of Jesus. We are going to bless others around us. You aren’t going to want to miss any of it.

Peace and Good,
Pastor Dave (Wasson)

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