Hi everyone.

Lots of new readers visited this site recently. Scientifically, I think it would be quantified as a “boat load” of folks. Maybe two boats. 

It’s might going to be a disappointment to many that I don’t go on rants all of the time. I used to. But then I got married and had married sex. That calmed me down some. Also, turning 30… and listening to more Earth, Wind, and Fire. 

I try to choose the hills I’m willing to die on more wisely now. I want to major in the ‘majors‘ in life, and let the minors fall where they may. Sometimes a person needs to speak up, and sometimes grace needs to prevail on all people, and mouths need to remain shut. I’m not perfect at it, but it’s an ongoing process that I’m living in. 

That being said, this is primarily a personal blog; writings dedicated to my journey, and my discoveries. Every time I say that, it feels myopic and selfish, but I don’t really own anyone else’s story but my own. I hope the sharing of my experiences is (at the very least) entertaining, and hopefully a blessing to others who might be in similar places on life. 

All of the above is a preface to say that I am entering midterm season again, and for the next couple of weeks, my writing will be irregular and spotty. This is my apology. 

I’ll try to post something regularly. My ‘no cats‘ guarantee will continue. 

Thanks for coming by again. Have an incredible week.

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