Come on, man.

Sooooo… Yesterday the Christian Post shared the above cartoon on their Twitter feed. Mark Driscoll promptly retweeted it.  It was based on the news this week that there will be a Mars Hill satellite campus launching in Phoenix in January 2014 (no, it’s not a plant, it’s a satellite launch; there are SIGNIFICANT differences). 

In the interest of journalistic integrity.. I’d like to address the above picture, if I may. Please take the following points as they are intended; as fact. 

  • Mr. Driscoll is not bringing “the cross” to Phoenix. It has been here long before he or I ever were a gleam in our parents eyes. 
  • That is not the skyline of Phoenix, its more like the skyline of a mid-western city.
  • Mark Driscoll himself is not moving to Phoenix, and to associate himself with “planting” in this city is a falsehood. He’s not in the city building relationships, cultivating community, or making any in roads. How does he get credit.  
  • What they are doing is not a conquest plant as the image suggests, but a satellite church with Driscoll’s neo-reformed DNA imbedded in it.  
  • It seems Driscoll is standing outside of the city limits of Phoenix in the picture. While this gave me temporary relief, I wouldn’t  want him or his cronies in New River or Ajo either.
  • The above picture lacks the numerous numbers of people who have dedicated their lives to ministry in Phoenix. That the hero worship of Driscoll continues to happen in the midst of his cult-like leadership, his misogyny, and his bad theology is a sad commentary on the state of the American Evangelical church, and the apologists that are niche publications such as The Christian Post

I like to consider myself someone who is not only ecumenical in his alignment, but the thought of Driscoll hocking his gospel of exclusivity and hate here in MY HOMETOWN will not be something I stand lightly for. The Gospel is love, compassion, inclusivity, and grace. Anything else is a lie. 

Anything else is a lie.

I guess it’s time to get to work.  


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