You must create


“A child has no problem believing the unbelievable, nor does the genius or the madman. It’s only you and I, with our big brains and our tiny hearts, who overthink and hesitate.”

– Steven Pressfield, “Do The Work”

In creating, there is resistance. It comes from both internal and external sources. It is no respecter of persons, nor does it have a personal vendetta against anyone in particular. It is as persistent as gravity. It is diverse in its expressions. It disguises itself as acts of discernment or safety, or self-preservation, or conservation, or caution, or sanity.

Right now, it’s dressed up as doubt. It dances on top of the keyboard as each keystroke is entered, humming little refrains of ‘irrelevance’ and ‘fraud’.

The work of the creator is to take up arms against this resistance, because beyond it is where the good is done. To throw caution to the wind and to step forward in an act of defiance of the pre-ordained order of things; that is the work.

You must overcome it because what you can bring into this world is much too important to let it win. So be ambitious, be foolish, be strange and stubborn and passionate. Be the creator that this life is keening for. Let what you bring life to be fully realized in your own living. You have all of the ability to make more good in this world a reality, when you daily take up your fight against that enemy resistance, and see that hell break away from your feet.


1 thought on “You must create

  1. Yaaassss. This is prose to inspire. Good work, sir. Keep on with the good fight.

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